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It is my honor

to celebrate your

special day!

Reverend Russ Winn

With more than thirty years of ministry experience as a pastor and counselor, one of my favorite milestones in life is wedding ceremonies!

–non-denominational, spiritual, religious, interfaith, intercultural or non-religious.

I honor and respect all beliefs and traditions, secular, religious and spiritual. I never use a ceremony as a platform to promote my personal beliefs but always strive to assist you in  celebrating yours.


I am also the lead pastor of the Springs of Bonita Outdoor Church! Take a look at what our church has to offer!


Angelia Winn

Turning your Vision into Reality

I have been married to Russ for 8 years. I provide more than 20 years of ministry experience to the table.

Whatever traditions or ceremonial rituals it is that you would like to include in your wedding ceremony, turning your vision into reality is my number one priority!

I also own Noah's Ark Academy Bonita Springs! Take a look at our Preschool!


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